Have you ever wondered when there is a need for garage spring door replacement? Whenever there is difficulty in opening or closing a garage door, it is time to replace it. Too much tension in it also calls for garage spring door replacement. If you are not familiar with garage door springs, they are the tools that open and close your garage door. They distribute the weight by using the principles of counteracting the earth’s force of gravity. 

How to Know You Have a Broken Garage Door Spring?

You will experience some common issues if there is a need for garage door repair.

Garagedoorrenovation.com suggests some of the signs that your garage door extension spring needs replacement, and they are:

  • Dangled Cables

Malfunction in the cables attached to the spring can affect its performance. If this is the case, a garage door cable repair is what you need next. It is a sign that there is some issue with spring. 

  • Crooked Door

An off-track door is also another leading sign of a broken spring. If your door seems to crook, there are chances that a broken spring door is behind it. You should check it immediately. 

  • Loss of Balance

Suppose you observe an uneven door while opening and closing it; it could be because the spring cannot offset the door’s weight. Either it is exerting too much tension or unable to provide the required tension.

  • Unusual Squeaking

A tell-tale sign which indicates a faulty spring is unusual squeaking. The immediate solution is to lubricate. However, if it still squeaks, there is a need to repair the garage door spring. 

Always consult a professional while replacing springs. It can be dangerous. Repairing depends on the type of spring used in the door. While this may seem expensive, garage door replacement cost is affordable. So, hiring a professional should be your priority. 

10 Reasons Why You Need A Garage Spring Repair

  • Enhance Security

A malfunctioned garage spring can pose a threat to your house. Most Garage doors can not be closed properly due to a faulty spring. There are many incidents when thieves break into houses through garage doors. So the security of your house and family members is questionable if your garage door spring breaks. Therefore, you should immediately repair garage door. 

  • Save Energy Cost

Garages serve many purposes these days. Apart from parking your vehicle, people often use it as a storage room. Garages with a proper insulation system help you to save energy costs. Therefore, you should replace the garage door spring with a new one as soon as you detect any malfunction. Such garage doors need springs to open and close them. 

  • Fresh Look

If you are renovating your house and paying attention to each corner, you should not neglect garages. Give your house a new look by replacing the garage door and its spring.

  • Increase Sale Price

The curb appeal of your house will increase if you do not have any faulty parts installed. Therefore, repair your garage doors and springs if you have a malfunctioned one. It will increase the sale price as buyers often pay attention to these small details while making a purchase. Real estate agents also urge to replace the faulty garage door torsion springs as it questions the security of the house and decreases the resale value. 

  • Protection

Home is the place where you should feel safe. Damage to garage door extension springs can cause accidents and security incidents. A faulty spring causes uneven doors and can be a reason for someone to break into your house. To avoid it, you need a garage door cable repair as soon as possible. 

  • Reduction of Noise

One of the common causes of excessive squeaking as you open and close your door is faulty springs. Too much squeaking can be frustrating, and sometimes, it causes too much noise that it can be a problem for your neighbors too. So to avoid all these issues, try to repair it as the garage door replacement cost is not as high as you might think. 

  • Secure Storage

Garages are used to store various things, including your vehicle. People often use it as an extra room to store junk that is no longer in use. However, it does not mean they are useless. As mentioned earlier, faulty springs cause crookedness in the door that makes it easy for someone to break in. That’s why we suggest repairing it as soon as possible.

  • Long-Term Investment

Spending on the replacement of damaged springs is a long-term investment. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for up to 12 years. Securing the house and increasing the resale value make the garage door spring repair worthy. After all, if you take care of your garage doors, you will only need replacement once in a decade. Springs are designed based on the number of cycles. A usual garage door spring is expected to go through approximately 10,000 cycles in its lifetime. Replacing it does not increase the number of cycles, but it increases life expectancy. 

  • Less Maintenance Cost

Replacement is sometimes a better option. Repairing, again and again, costs too much. If one spring breaks, the chances of breakage of other springs increase. Once you repair a spring, the other could break, which is annoying. To avoid that we suggest you replace it. Replacing ensures that there is no need to repair for a while. 

  • Save a Lot of Time

As discussed above, repairing springs takes a lot of time, and people usually lose their patience while booking repair appointments back and forth. To avoid this, instead of garage door spring repair, replace it with a new one. Most companies often replace both springs at once for a lower price. 

Concluding on Why Garage Door Spring Replacement is the Right Decision

To that end, it is necessary to replace the garage door springs once in a while. Without them, a garage door is merely a door without any slide. So, whenever you experience a fault in the garage spring, leave it to the professionals. They know the best way to replace garage door springs and ensure the safety of your house.