Your garage door tends to open and close a lot, plus it is heavy, so a garage door getting damaged is not a surprise. This issue is quite common for those who have multiple cars and kids at home. The kids tend to use the bicycle a lot, and they open and close the garage door multiple times a day. If you face this issue, taking the services of a garage door repair company is better than doing it yourself.

It is also better to learn more about garage door problems before calling a professional. This gives you an idea to calculate the cost so the person coming to fix it won’t overcharge. Here are the most common garage problems that you can face at any time and their solutions.

Common Garage Door Problems & Solutions

Despite each garage having a different door, these problems can happen to any of them.

  1. Garage Door Won’t Open or Close Completely

If you press the remote button and see that your garage door is only opening and closing partially, there could be a problem with your door balance or garage door opener. This is one of the most common garage door problems that can occur at any time. Usually, it might take years for this problem to occur, but it can also happen to a new garage door. You can try pressing the button two or three times to see if the door opens properly or not. Otherwise, call your garage door installation company and tell them to send a team to fix the door.

  1. Old Rusty Springs

Your garage door opens and closes with the help of the garage door tension springs. If they break or get rusty, your door won’t move at all. If the spring breaks while the door is moving, you’ll hear a loud sound indicating that there is a problem. Luckily, garage doors tend to stop moving in such cases so that they won’t come down with speed.

Similarly, if you come home and are not able to open the garage door, go inside and check for any hanging springs near the door. On the other hand, a rusty or stretched spring might make the door move slower than usual.

As per, fixing a garage door spring is complicated, but you might be able to easily manage it with some help. If you don’t want to take help from a professional but also don’t know where to find a garage door spring, get some help from the internet. Just search for “garage door springs near me,” and you’ll see the hardware stores offering such springs.

  1. Noisy Garage Door

If the door’s rollers are worn out or got old, then you’ll hear a squeaking sound. Similarly, you can also expect this issue to occur if there is a lot of rain and water getting inside the rollers. Moreover, it can also happen if your garage door is quite old. It is relatively easy to fix such rollers as they only require some lubrication. Apply some silicone-based lubricant on the rollers to eliminate the noise or replace them with the help of a professional.

On the other hand, a door making a rattling sound could mean that something is loose. Thus you can start tightening everything, including nuts, bolts, and screws, to see if that fixes the problem.

  1. Garage Door Remote Control Problems

Every garage door has a remote control, and if it starts showing problems, your garage door won’t work adequately. You can check the batteries and replace them in necessary. If you have dropped the remote, the chances are that it is broken, and you might need a new one. Also, make sure that you are not too far from the receiver. If that happens, you can get close to the garage and try opening the door again.

Most garage doors have photo eye sensors, so they won’t close or open if someone or something is in the way. If the remote is not working, go to your garage and see if there is an obstacle near the door. Remove the object and try opening the door again. On the other hand, if these eyes sensors malfunction, the garage door openers won’t work. Call a professional, preferably someone from the same company, to fix it for you.

  1. Loose Motor Belt

If the garage door motor belt is loose, you’ll hear it running, but the door won’t move. This also happens if the belt is disconnected from the motor. Check the manual for the instructions to see how to reattach the motor belt. Moreover, if someone pulls the emergency release cord, it can also cause garage door failure since that also disconnects the belt from the motor.

  1. Problems with Keypad

If you have a keypad installed with your garage door to open it, you can experience some issues with that. Usually, they run on electricity instead of batteries so they won’t run out of power. However, if the cord is damaged, the keypad will not work. Moreover, such keypads also need reprogramming if they stop working all of a sudden. You can check its manual to see how to reprogram or reset it.

The final thing to check is the batteries if you have a keypad that runs on batteries. It is better to get rechargeable batteries and also keep a spare pair, so you can recharge one pair and use the other one.

Final Words on Troubleshooting Garage Door Issues: Get Garage Door Repair Now

It is better to get help from professional garage door services to fix your garage door instead of doing it yourself. Garage doors are heavy, and their mechanics are a bit complicated to understand. As a result, you can hurt yourself or someone else while fixing them. The cost of fixing a garage door is not that high, so you will be able to manage it easily. Typically, you might spend up to $200 to get the door fixed unless it needs replacement.

Finding garage door repairs is not that difficult either; just search for “garage door fix near me,” and you’ll find dozen of garage door repair companies. Call them, and they’ll send a professional to do the job. You can also pay some attention to check what is the exact problem and share it with the repairman so they can do the work faster and save everyone’s time.