Manti Utah Do You Need a New Garage Door? That Might Depend on Where You Live

How do I order?

Easy! You can place your order by visiting our physical address, or by calling or faxing. Keep in mind that a 50% deposit is required upon order.

Manti Utah Repainting a Garage Door: What You Should Do First

How is my door delivered?

We place padding under and around your door to ensure it arrives damage-free.

Manti Utah The Importance of Having the Right Garage Door for Your Home

What kind of clearance do I need?

The general rule of thumb is one more foot of space into the garage than the height of your door. If your door is seven feet tall, you'll need eight feet inside.

Manti Utah Don't Settle for Just Any Garage Door for Your Home

What is the average delivery time for a garage door?

We generally deliver your door in 2-4 weeks depending on backlog, location and weather.

Manti Utah Why Having the Right Garage Door is So Important

Should I get my door insulated or not?

That’s ultimately up to you. Do you have any rooms in your home or building over the garage? Consider insulation.

Manti Utah Tips for Saving Money on a Garage Door Repair Service

Do you offer garage door kits?

Sure do. We have three models of residential garage doors that we will ship to you complete in one box, along with a couple oversized pieces.

How to Find a Damage-Resistant Garage Door in Your Neighborhood

Manti Utah To Repair or Replace Your Garage Door: Weighing the Costs

Emergency Service

A malfunctioning garage door needs to be addressed immediately, as should a door which is stuck open or closed. Any of these scenarios can result in a huge security issue for your home and garage, putting assets at risk. Without proper access to your garage, you won’t have timely access to your vehicles and any stored materials inside. Call us at 201-218-0154 to have your situation resolved in the fastest possible manner, whatever the emergency is.

Manti Utah Replacing a Residential Garage Door in the Winter

Garage Door Spring Repair

Spring repairs should be made by experienced professionals, since these parts often are associated with tremendous weights and tensions. When you have a worn or broken spring, it needs to be handled by a professional, with the utmost care and with safety in mind.

Manti Utah How Long Should You Go Before Replacing your Garage Door?

Garage Door Openers and Entry Systems

We have a variety of entry systems, door openers, and remotes available for use with your residential garage door, and we stand behind the high quality and top performance of each one of these products.

Manti Utah Important Money-Saving Tips when Shopping for a New Garage Door

Residential Garage Door Repair

When your residential garage door just won’t open or close, or is in need of some obvious repair, you need to contact the experts at 201-218-0154 right away. We’ll have the problem fixed with superior replacement parts promptly, so you can have full access to your garage, without causing delays to your busy schedule.

Manti Utah What Can Possibly Go Wrong with a Damaged Garage Door?

Garage Door Servicing and Maintenance

The best way to avoid costly repairs from major breakdowns with your garage door is to identify any issues before they have a chance to develop in to major problems. Our technicians are adept at servicing all parts to ensure their reliable performance, and to extend the life of your high quality residential garage door.

Manti Utah How Repairing Your Garage Door can Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

New Garage Door Installation

We have the finest array of high quality residential garage doors in the entire Manti area, and we have one that will fit your household requirements as well as your personal taste in aesthetics. But the quality doesn’t stop there �" you can also count on having expert installation of your new residential garage door, so that it operates smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

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Repair Garage Door in Manti.


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Information for Manti, Utah

Manti, city, seat (1850) of Sanpete county, central Utah, U.S. Located in an agricultural district at an elevation of 5, 530 feet (1, 685 metres), the city was settled in 1849 by a party of Mormons ordered there from Salt Lake City by church leader Brigham Young; at the time, it was the southernmost white settlement in Utah. The town site was named after a legendary city in theBook of Mormon . Settled largely by British and Danish immigrants, Manti became a prosperous centre of grain and poultry production. The city's Mormon Temple was dedicated in 1877. The Patten House, built in 1854, houses documents andartifactsrelating to area history. Inc. 1851. Pop. (2000) 3, 040; (2010) 3, 276.

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Manti - Emergency Garage Door Repair Articles

Top 10 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Garage Door Owners

Your garage door is the largest moving part in your entire home, and is used multiple times per day at any hour and in all seasons. To keep your garage door operating smoothly for decades to come, it�s very important that you take the time to perform regular preventive care and maintenance. Here are 10 things that all homeowners can do:

1. Look and Listen

The most important preventive step you can take is to observe your garage door in action every time you use it. Is it moving smoothly or is it jerky in places? Does it operate silently or does it make grinding or scraping noises? Do both sides of the system (springs, pulleys and cables) look symmetrical?

2. Tighten up the Hardware

The average garage door moves up and down more than a thousand times a year. That�s a lot of movement and vibration, which can loosen the hardware. Examine and tighten all roller brackets and bolts with a socket wrench.

3. Test the Garage Door Balance

If your garage door is not properly balanced, the garage door opener will have to work harder, and it won�t last as long.

After you disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle (usually a red cord), manually move the door about halfway up. If it doesn�t stay put, the counterweight system (springs) are improperly balanced. Garage door spring adjustment is best left to the professionals.

4. Inspect and Replace the Rollers

The rollers, whether steel or nylon, need to be inspected twice a year and replaced every seven years or so, and even more if you use your garage door many times a day.

Worn, chipped or cracked rollers should be replaced as soon as possible. You do this by removing and reinstalling any roller brackets that are not directly attached to the cable system.

5. Replace the Weatherstripping

If the rubber weather seal strip on the bottom of your door is brittle or cracked, replace it right away to keep the elements out of your house. Weatherstripping is sold by the foot at hardware and home improvement stores. Just cut to size and insert into the grooves with the wide angle of the flange inside the door.

6. Lubricate the Moving Parts

Keeping your garage door parts greased up will add years of seamless operation to your system � and it takes just 10 minutes a year! Use white lithium grease on the opener�s chain or screw, and a spray lubricant, available from your garage door specialist, to coat the overhead springs.

7. Check the Cables

You should never tinker with the high-tension cables that lift your door because they have enough force to maim and kill. But you can check their condition so you know when to hire a pro. Check for broken strands and damage near the bottom roller bracket.

8. Test the Auto-Reverse Safety Features

There are two mechanisms: mechanical and photocell. In order to test the mechanical feature, place a piece of wood or a brick on the ground in the path of the door. When the door coming down touches that object, it should reverse direction and go back up again. To test the second, the photoelectric system with beams at each side, close your door and just pass your leg in the door�s path. Your door should reverse.

If your opener is more than 20 years old, it may lack this basic safety features � and so it�s time to buy a new garage door opener.

9. Clear the Tracks

Make sure the tracks on either side of the door are free from debris and, if you are so inclined, you can use a level to check the plumb. Any major adjustments to tracks must be done by a professional garage door technician.

10. Groom Your Garage Door

Don�t forget to examine the door itself. Wood doors will need to be checked for water damage and warp, as well as chipped and peeling paint. Steel doors may have rust spots that need to be sanded, primed and painted. Wash your garage door regularly with a mild all-purpose cleaner at the same time you do your car.

Remember, your garage door makes up about one-third of the exterior of your house, so keep it fresh and clean. If you don�t have time to do this kind of check-up, call a garage door professional to schedule a tune-up service call. He is going to fix all� perfectly!

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